Bitchin' Film Reviews voted for me, so should you!

That's right folks, Blake over at Bitchin' Film Reviews made the right decision and voted for Do You Have a Flag? in the 2009 Lammy Awards (Most Ambitious and Most Prolific). Now a few notes on Blake's site, the film grades are on the money, the reviews are excellent and "bitchin'" as described, aaand he's reviewed well over 100 films, which means I have a lot of catching up to do. I love following Bitchin' Film Reviews, and I recommend that you do the same... or else. 

Such convenient organization of reviews by title!

So visit Bitchin' Film Reviews and VOTE FOR DO YOU HAVE A FLAG? in the 2009 LAMMY AWARDS! Voting ends MAY 31st

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blake said...

You are much too kind.