so i said before that this blog won't be used in any real personal way... except this once. after a long and arduous interview process i was hired by the jacob burns film center to be their new development associate, WOOHOO! all i can say is thank god i don't have to wait to find out anymore, and i'm excited to start!

i also wanted to mention that along with my movie reviews of films i see in theaters, every once in awhile i'm going to try and do a "revival review." it'll be a review of a movie from the past that for one reason or another (good or bad) i think should be brought up again.

and now for something fun:

Quotes of the Day

"Americans have finally gotten beyond our racial past and picked a black man to clean up our mess." - Bill Maher

"Stephen, you brought a spoon to a spork fight." - Jon Stewart

keep an eye out for my christmas dvds to watch list, coming soon...

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