Better Off Dead

No, I am not referring to John Cusack's 1985 film of the same name... I speak of something far more trivial.

I had toyed with the idea of making Max Minghella this week's Break Out, but instead came up with a better plan after coming across some pictures of Minghella and girlfriend Leah Lezark. Maybe it's just America's current trendy sensation with them going to my head, but I'm seeing them everywhere... vampires.

I mean, seriously... Have you ever seen a more "living dead" couple?

I think Twilight missed a clear cut opportunity here. Ok, enough ridiculous fodder.

Brothers from another Mother?

I didn't really have to work at this one...

Max is really Penn mixed with a little of this guy.

Humble Beginnings

From "Geeks" to "Sweets"

Genius Marketing To The Rescue!

Skins Season 1 Trailer

Skins Season 2 Trailer

Skins Series 3 Trailer

Don't they just make you wanna?

The marketing team for Skins is pretty bangarang as you can see. Each season they try to reinvent the wheel with a new level of party-going obscenity. Skins will return in season 4 with the same cast seen in season 3, but the producers will change it up again with a whole new gang in season 5. Sometimes I think Britain has the right idea. While season 3 paled in comparison to the first two, it was still tons of fun to watch. If you get BBC America consider yourself lucky, and if you don't, there's always online...

(Sorry blogging has been sparse. My wireless internet has decided it doesn't care about my needs...)


Today I Feel Like This...

After a day filled with computer problems, preventing me from much blogging, I need a good soak in the tub.
F*** You MacBook update 10.5.7.


Avatar and Troy, more in common than you think?

Avatar the Last Airbender Teaser Trailer

Right now the Avatar teaser pretty much looks like this:

Troy Teaser Trailer

Call me crazy, but it does. I'm semi-excited for Avatar, but right now it's very difficult to say what direction the film will go in... It seems most fans of the show are already dead set on hating it, and Shyamalan hasn't exactly been on a winning streak lately. But perhaps the forces of the earth will come together and create a masterpiece. Or maybe it will plummet like Dragonball Evolution (did that movie even see the light of day?) More than anything the teaser just reminded me how excited I am for the rapidly approaching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince release date!

This Week's Break Out!

This week's Break Out is, Kaya Scodelario!

I've been meaning to do this Break Out for a long time. Kaya is the second Skins kid I've claimed as a Break Out, but like I said in my post on Nicholas Hoult, the entire cast is incredible. There is something about Kaya though. To start, she was 15 when Skins started in 2007, and while you could believe her age, it was terrifying just how much older and wiser she came off. You had to wonder, is the actress as interesting as the character? How much of Kaya goes into Effy? Ef is your classic rebellious teen engaging in sex, drugs, and rock and roll, all the while rocking an obscene amount of eyeliner. She has had a huge turnaround throughout the 3 seasons of Skins to date. First season she was practically a mute, speaking no more than 3 lines in the whole series. Then second season, they must have picked up on audience interest in Effy and made her into a full blown character, thereby smoothing out the transition into series 3 where she becomes the lead. Her character prides herself on secrecy and mysteriousness, but when it comes down to brass tacks, she's good at neither. She spends most of the third season playing three guy best friends against each other, claiming she can't be with anyone, but in reality she's desperate for attention. She surrounds herself with people deemed inferior, only to discover that she is actually the lowest of the bunch. She's stunningly beautiful, but every chance they get, they show mascara bleeding down her face to serve as a reminder that she's ugly on the inside (at least for now). She bounces between her wants, and what she can't allow herself to have. Had anyone else played this character, you would have hated her from the start and continued hating her right on through, but Kaya is able to bring subtle reliability and even some likability to the role. Somewhere between Effy hitting rock bottom and working her way back to semi-normal, Kaya moved from being a television star to a full fledged film potential. In fact, you can catch her in the recently released Moon alongside Sam Rockwell. But apart from Effy and the aptly named "Eve," Kaya's resume is empty. She's got the looks and the talent, but does she have the drive? Does Hollywood want her? Who cares about Kaya... do you?

If you do, keep an eye out for
Ms. Scodelario, this week's Break Out! For all you Skins fans out there, season 4 starts shooting this July...

Humble Beginnings

From Disney fro to Transfomo...

Shia and Maya SNL skit

The Era of Cera

Love him or hate him, it appears George Michael Bluth is here to stay.

The new poster for Youth in Revolt, and a pic from the set of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Another pic from the set of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and Vanity Fair's Comedy Mafia 2007 shoot

The boys of Super Bad, and the Year One poster

and finally George Michael himself.

So what is it about Cera that keeps us coming back for more or in some cases, begging for less?

Then and... Then

The late, great Sharon Tate.

Keanu has a Phone Booth Fetish

"My name is Ted 'Theodore' 'Neo' Logan, and I support the phone booth revival movement, dude."


First Look: 2010's Alice in Wonderland, Burton Style

Here is your first look at promotional materials from Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland. Mia Wasikowska as Alice, Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, Matt Lucas as Tweddledee and Tweedledum, Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen of Hearts, and Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. It's all saturated to the max and with a level of childlike creepiness only Burton can provide (also thrilled that Michael Sheen is also in the ensemble). The question remains, will this be his newest biggest hit, or a disaster the likes of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

The official US release date is now March 5, 2010, so only time will tell what's in store for Tim.

Today I Feel Like This...

Back from my weekend in Boston with the collegiate cohorts! Made me think and remember how much I love this movie.
And how relevant it still is...

(got a lot of blog catch-up to do this week, stay tuned! SNEAK PEEK: The Hangover is my new fav movie.)


Recently Added to my Wish List of Fictional Things

It's not exactly "fictional," it does exist... Just not as a purchaseable print. God, why have you forsaken me?
I want it so bad!