The NEW Do You Have a Flag? is up and running!

Do You Have a Flag? is now now officially running on WordPress! I’m still going to be tweaking things a lot over the next month or so, but the basic site is now up and running. The web address is still www.cheerfuld.com, but the RSS feed has changed to the following: feed://www.cheerfuld.com/?feed=rss2

I hope you’ll re-subscribe in your google reader, or whatever it is you use! This site (my original baby) will not be taken down (at least not for awhile) so feel free to visit cheerfuld.blogspot.com for old posts.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter (if you use such things) to get the most up to date news on the site, movies, tv and whatever else I feel is deemed “tweetable.” Once again, thanks for your support readers, and I hope you’ll like the new digs! Welcome to the new Do You Have a Flag?!


ReWind, ReBoot, ReVamp and ReNew

Lately, I have been spending some time re-thinking the blog … I’ve been happy with some of what I’ve done, but it also feels like time for a change (maybe even time for a new look). The world of movie blogging is such a vast and varied field, sometimes it’s hard to stay focused or to have a clear vision. Admittedly I am someone who can be easily overwhelmed by too many choices, and therefore I think it’s in my best interest to keep things simple and more focused. While I always have a lot going on in my head after I see a film, I think that writing full length reviews is just not for me. I like short, quick, easy and fun (and I think others prefer less longwinded as well). I like imagery, especially movie imagery, so the pics are here to stay. And I like comparisons, as proven by the “from another mother” segment. My newest idea is to have a more clear cut theme, not only so I don’t get overwhelmed, but also as a way to try and be more memorable. I still don’t have it all figured out yet, but the basic idea is for the new theme of the blog to take off of one of my more popular segments, “Today I Feel Like This…”. Today I Feel Like This is a very simple, but easily relatable idea.

So the way I am thinking it will work from now on is that everyday (well maybe not everyday, we’ll see how it goes…), I’ll do a quick overview of all the things I felt that day, as related to film. Each post will be made up of movie imagery, DVDs I bought, films I saw, comparisons I came across, and any particularly striking movie news. But it will all be quick blurbs, easy and fun to read. Some of you may ask, how is this really different then what I was doing before? Good question… let’s just say, I think you’ll get it when you see it. In addition to revamping the style and content of the blog, I will also be revamping the look. I will finally be switching over to WordPress. But it will take me a little bit of time to get up and running, so again I ask you to bare with me, and join me once again when the new and improved “Do You Have a Flag?” is up and running.

Thanks to all of you, for being amazing readers



Super Toys Last All Summer Long

I have been scarce lately, I know! With summer here, my backyard finally inhabitable, and moving plans kicking into gear, it’s been hard to make myself spend any more time on the computer than I absolutely have to… bad blogger! I’m still watching movies (saw The Lost Boys last night, worst movie … You’ve done it again Schumacher!), but now I’m outside as much as I can be and attempting to get some semblance of a tan (I am still very very white). But I promise I will continue to try and post when I can, so don’t abandon me just yet!

I hope you’re all enjoying sunshine wherever you may be, and I hope you’ll all go see
Harry Potter 6 when it arrives in theaters next week! I’ll be there, yipping like a little kid.

(gorgeous photo via dendrites)


Trailer Twist

Knowing nothing about this film before watching the trailer, I went into it thinking "Natalie, Jake and Tobey... Romantic triangle, maybe a rom-com?" Wrong-o.

A film that looks like it's ultimately more about the pain of returning home from war to find everything changed than it is about a triangle, Brothers promises fierce intensity, even if it's got to force it down your throat. For some reason this reminded me of the Red Eye trailer... Just not what you were expecting.

Emma the Chameleon?

Miss Emma Watson has grown up before our very eyes, and now it looks like she can play with the big girls...