Day Watch blows my mind, Johnny Depp still makes me swoon, and Gossip Girl returns... it's officially a New Year!

Apologies for still not getting up my new reviews, etc. I was away where there was no Internet, and somehow I survived (better than that in fact)! Reviews are coming, I promise! But I thought for now I'd post a few quick notes of interest.

  • Richard Brody posts an interesting summary of some lesser known films, including Chinese cinema, the wonders of mumblecore queen Greta Gerwig, and David Fincher's Zodiac, which puts Benjamin Button to shame.
  • According to the incredible (and always reliable) Michael Ausiello, Michelle Trachtenberg is all set to return to the upper east side and reprise her memorable role of Georgina on Gossip Girl. She'll be blowing into town for multiple episodes towards the end of the season, can you say cliffhanger? I cannot tell a lie and say that I think Trachtenberg is a particularly talented or interesting actress, but one thing is for sure... it's always fun to watch her wreak havoc on my favorite drama queens. And of course, the best news: GOSSIP GIRL BACK WITH NEW EPS TONIGHT!
  • Part of my weekend away included watching a little Russian film called Day Watch (see photo above), sequel to Night Watch, better known as the craziest, most insanely imaginative film I have seen, maybe ever. I was skeptical of it at first, having only seen the dvd cover (which pretty much repelled me), however this is truly a case of "don't judge a dvd by it's cover." The movie blew me out of my seat, off the couch and onto the floor. I still can't fully explain the plot, but at it's base... It is a sequel following the character of Anton who belongs to a group called the Night Watch. This group has a chosen one, a Neo if you will, who is fated to fight the forces of the darkness. This chosen one happens to be Anton's girlfriend and apprentice. However there is another group, of dark beings (including some unique vampires who drink from juice boxes) called the Day Watch. They also have a chosen one, who happens to be Anton's son. Both groups intertwine and unravel as they chase the chalk of fate. Like I said, the movie is bonkers. The films are based on a well loved Russian book series that Timur Bekmambetov (of recent Wanted fame) directs with skill and laborious precision. Twilight Watch, the third in the series is slated as in pre-production, but has already been much delayed due to Bekmambetov's shooting of Wanted. To say I enjoyed Day Watch would be a massive understatement, but to say I understood it would be a lie. Be prepared to embark on a dizzying visual feast.
  • Film.com posts a great article chronicling some of our beloved returning t.v. favorites, including Nip/Tuck, Big Love and Lost.

So get ready people, it's a new year, and a clean slate. Do what you want, and don't waste time doing anything else.

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