Moo, Woof, and ... (well, what sound do bunnies make?)

  • About a month ago, a friend told me about a great printing website called moo.com. They are a small company based in London, but they have some brilliant ideas on how to make printing fun. Through their site you can make regular sized business cards, their acclaimed mini cards, greeting cards, post cards, and sticker books. While the site encourages you to submit your own photos and drawings to make your own designs, they also have an incredible amount of illustrator's designs to choose from (all of which are colorful and adorable). The site is extremely user friendly, and they are connected with flickr, facebook and more, to make it even easier to import photos. They also have a great blog, which give budding designers ideas for projects they can do utilizing the site. Here, they show you a great way to create a fun, reusable calendar that you may actually want to use. I've already ordered cards to advertise this very blog! So check them out and come up with your own ideas. 

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