Drunken Reviews 2! The second episode of the Do You Have a Flag? Podcast

So it's quite a bit after the first one, but here it is, the second episode of Do You Have a Flag? Drunken Reviews Podcast (DR's for short)! Sadly, we're missing Theo from this ep, but Andrew and I were able to cover a lot of ground, plus we're joined by surprise guests, Alex Yacovelli and his friend Scott. So tune in for an alcohol induced good time! And we do a MUCH better job of not talking over each other this ep, I promise. Don't forget the podcast is always available in the sidebar, and you can click "Get Podcast" or "Subscribe Free" to download it to your iTunes.

UPDATE: I've added a quick "vocal thought" on Mad Men (was just re-watching season 1 on DVD) and added it to the podcast playlist. You can listen to Drunken Reviews 2 simply by clicking the "posts" button and hitting Drunken Reviews 2. This also allows you to access the first ep of Drunken Reviews! That's all for now.

Drunken Reviews 2 Topics
In Theaters
:47 Drag Me To Hell
5:40 Terminator Salvation
11:00 Star Trek
16:12 The Girlfriend Experience
20:44 UP
26:37 The MTV Movie Awards (Joined by Alex & Scott!)

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1 comment:

simoncolumb said...

On Mad Men - I have only just watched the first season (nothing more yet - us UK folk have to wait a little longer for the DVd release as the TV-showings have finished) and it truly is brilliant but I do think that - without sounding in anyway sexist - it appeals to women alot moreso than men. I do like it alot, but my girlfriend seemed to just like it so much more. The whole focus on sexism I think is fascinating, but I reckon' the whole sexism thing is such a factor to a womans life and I think alot of the issues raised in Mad Men are, to some extent, still issues in society today. Maybe not so explicitly as it was in the late 50's, but still relevant enough For example, the idea of a woman using her femininity to become financially secure is something that clearly continues today, while choosing to ignore your sex and aim for equal rights and go for a position of authority - a position which may be seen as a masculine role - may be to women a frustrating choice.

I don't know - I'm trying to be careful not to be sexist. At the end of the day - I liked it alot, but my girlfriend liked it alot more and alot of female friends seem to dig it alot moreso than their male counterparts.