Sweet Disposition, Ya Heard?

If you've seen the 500 Days of Summer Teaser Trailer, which I suspect most of you have, then you're familiar with a new Australian band called The Temper Trap (MySpace page). I fell in love with the song Sweet Disposition via that teaser and have since downloaded the tune and listened to it multiple times a day every day for about 2 weeks. It doesn't get old. I mean, it will eventually, but right now it's that perfect song to blast in your car as you speed home away from work with the windows down. Next thing I knew the song popped up perfectly placed at the end of the Greek season finale (what will Cappie do?).

Sweet Disposition Music Video (It's a little lame. Just listen to the song and ignore the vid)

500 Days of Summer Photo Collage Trailer
After falling in love with Sweet Disposition, I eagerly looked around for what else I could download, only to discover that their first full length album has yet to drop... until June 30th. That's right peeps, head to your record store, Borders or iTunes terminal and embark on what will be a lovely luscious album experience in only a couple of weeks! I don't know if they're heartbreakingly good, but they're elevating my mood to a plateau of gloriousness. Or maybe I'm just really tired. Either way check out the Temper Trap and hit up their first album "Conditions" Tuesday, June 30th. 

They're gonna be big. They kind of already are.

Other current musical obsession, Grizzly Bear (MySpace Page). Veckatimest is my life. 

Grizzly Bear Two Weeks Video

This is one of the most freakishly addictive music videos I've seen.

Grizzly Bear Foreground Video

Not a music video. Just a gorgeous song. 

White Lies and It's Blitz from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are also on constant iPod replay. 


g nemec said...

You might like Matt and Kim too. Their song is in that alcohol ad where a guy goes through a series of dance clubs going further and further back in time. Also, this video is pretty awesome, if possibly NSFW.


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