This Week's Break Out!

This Week's Break Out is, Scott Michael Foster!

Now Greek fans (if you're out there), I know what you are about to say... Break Out? We've known about Foster for years! True, if you're a Greek watcher (awesome dramedy on ABC Family, and I'm not being sarcastic when I say "awesome"), then Foster is best known to you as the amazing Cappie (full name unknown). BUT, if you don't watch the show, which I suspect many of you don't, then this guy's name is as foreign as Toblerone. What's more, his resume barely exists outside of the illustrious Cappie. So as of right now, this week's Break Out is pretty much a one trick pony, but I know, with all of my heart, that given the opportunity, this pony can become a stallion (and I have officially taken this metaphor way too far). So obviously, endorsing Scott Michael Foster means endorsing Greek, which I wholeheartedly do. I started watching Greek after incessant nagging from my college bestie Aleena, who told me repeatedly in emails, texts and phone calls "you have to watch this show. Seriously, WATCH THIS SHOW!" As I was originally with the Big Bang Theory, I was resistant. I had seen the commercials, I knew the plot followed college greek life, and I thought "nah, not worth my very valuable time." But despite my better judgement I watched the pilot, and about halfway in I started thinking "this is pretty good." By the end of the first ep, I knew I needed to see the second one, and so on and so forth. Well written, well acted, legitimately funny, nostalgic, realistic (surprisingly realistic), and most importantly extremely entertaining. Much of this is of course do to one individual (though the whole cast is phenom). As Cyprus Rhodes Kappa Tau president, Cappie embodies what women, AND men want. He's an excellent schemer, life of the party, has that patented "Chandler Bing" humor without being self-deprecating, gorgeous eyes, always there when you need him, and smarter than he lets on. Plus, at heart he's a romantic, but he's no whipping boy. I'll take two. As hard as it may be to imagine, Foster almost got cast as another character on Greek, Calvin, the preppy gay guy in Sigma Kai... yes it is hard to believe given his incredible charm with the ladies, which means they clearly made the right choice. Foster is undeniably lovable and as much as I adore him on Greek, he needs another role, preferable in an upcoming awesome movie. So someone out there hear my plea, and help this man silver screen it up.

So check out this week's Break Out Scott Michael Foster, Monday nights at 8pm on ABC Family's Greek! Season Finale this Monday! (Full episodes available here)

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