The Gang's All Here: The TSCC Season 2 Finale

First off, I loved the finale! But I've been reading a few other reviews on the last ep, and unfortunately the hope that others seem to be finding in it for the show's comeback, I just don't see. So I'm going to counter some of the points other writers have made in favor of the show's return. But let me repeat, I LOVED the finale...SPOILER ALERT... 

Point 1 for Return: The last few episodes have gotten considerably better compared to the rest of the season.

Rebuttal: Too little too late. I love how much Josh Friedman and co. seemed to be able to pull off in the last 4 eps, but pulling a lot of stunts at the end when you've already been threatened with cancellation twice is just not enough. Considering what an expensive show TSCC is to film, its lack of air time viewers, and hardcore fan's general disappointment with the rocky second season (me not included), it's looking increasingly unlikely that FOX will opt for a renewal. Not to mention that after Terminator Salvation comes out, their hopes for mutual publicity will be over. 

Point 2 for Return: Jumping into the future opens up a whole new set of doors for the show.

Rebuttal: I'm shocked that people think this isn't the final nail in the coffin on a season 3. Let me point out that the show is called Terminator: The SARAH CONNOR Chronicles... and now Sarah and John are separated by time travel. When your title character has been all but diagnosed with Cancer and then separated permanently from the crux of the show, I think it's obvious the writers got the memo that this was it. Granted the time jump made for a great season finale cliffhangery kind of thing, but to really follow through and devote a whole season to that would be tremendously difficult.

Point 3 for Return: Derek's back! That's gotta be a good sign right?

Rebuttal: Wrong... As many of you may already know, Brian Austin Green has already accepted a starring role on the T.V. show Body Politic. Jumping ship means there's a slight chance he might try to do both shows, but there's a much better chance it means he knows the show's dead in the water. 

Point 4 for Return: Terminatrix Cameron replaced with human Allison from Palmdale, awesome!

Rebuttal: I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that while this character change up could have potential (especially for fan favorite Summer Glau as an actress, Winifred/Illyria style only reversed), it's more likely a way for the writers to satisfy fan's wishes for John to end up with Cameron (one way or another). Then not only did we see as much Terminator sex as John will likely ever have, but we can imagine that in the future sometime down the line, John will finally get to have real sex with human Allison and live out all his kinky Cameron fantasies. Score for John! Speaking of the sex but not "actual" sex scene between John and Cameron, I thought they handled it surprisingly well. It made sense (sort of) and it was tension filled, but it didn't cross that "oh c'mon!" line. Congrats Glau and Dekker! You did the impossible.

Point 5 for Return: They brought back Jonathan Jackson as Kyle Reese, this must be his big T.V. return...

Rebuttal: Jackson has stayed pretty clear of serious television commitment since originating the role of Lucky on General Hospital. I highly doubt this is the beginning of his comeback. 

So there you have it, my logic behind another one biting the dust... But with all that said, I'll still be devastated if/when the show isn't renewed. However the finale accomplished something nearly impossible. It managed to close out the show leaving me practically satisfied, but still left plenty of room to hook me back if it miraculously makes it to a third season. Props to all involved, and counting down to the DVD!

Now I'm off to mourn, and pray that like Jesus, the south, and terminators, this show will rise again.


Karen said...

If only all the episodes were as exciting as the last two then it probably wouldn't be up for cancellation. I'll miss it though.


DJ Heinlein said...

I just read an article over at CNN about the show's cancellation. Check out the article for yourself (click here). So sad!

do you have a flag? said...

It's so funny you mention that article because my friend, who's another TSCC watcher, just sent me the same thing! It is sad... but it won't be "official" till May 18.