Sophia and Stephen: A Match made in Heaven?

Thanks to The Playlist, the latest scoop on my fav female director Ms. Sophia Coppola is that her next film is on the books and underway with casting! 

The film currently titled Somewhere, is set to star none other than disappearing act Stephen Dorff. I have to admit I'm not to familiar with his work apart from Blade... so this should be interesting to say the least. The story will follow a Hollywood bad boy (Dorff) as he rots away within the confines of infamous hotel, the Chateau Marmont. Elle Fanning will play his daughter (whom I can only assume will have issues of her own). 

Already there's talk that Dorff will be the next Mickey Rourke when it comes to comebacks... I don't want to go making any  big assumptions yet, but I have not been let down by Coppola to date, so my faith in her to make another beautiful film is fairly unwavering at the point. Especially given her description of wanting to make an "intimate" contemporary story set in Los Angeles.

 I feel like an impatient kid months away from Christmas (Chanukah for me)!!!


g nemec said...

My Dorff memory: An obviously coked up Dorff is on The Late Show to promote a movie. Letterman finishes the interview, then thanks him for being there, and Dorff doesn't realize it's over and begins not one but two other anecdotes. So high he can't really finish a train of thought. One was about appearing in front of a huge crowd in a movie where he plays a rock star, and one was about working on his golf game. Audience growing uncomfortable. Letterman lets him go a bit and says "Let's try this again, Stephen. Thanks for being here." Dorff looks lost.

So, yeah, the next Mickey Rourke sounds about right

Elin Inferno said...

sofia cappola sure is awesome and Stephen Dorff is a really good actor, soo gonna check out this movie when it comes out!

do you have a flag? said...

I'm just excited to see Dorff's interactions with tiny Elle Fanning... I think it's going to be weird and interesting to say the least