Single White Freakishly Bad Dressed Females

Now Girlfriend, you know you can't pull off that pixie cut...

Watched Single White Female for the the first time. Someone needs to tell these gals that belting your suit jacket and metallic raincoats will drive any woman to murder. Get a better stylist, and maybe some bloodshed could have been avoided... And oh my, I forgot how attractive Steven Weber is circa Wings.

I crave this Poster

Wouldn't you? Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience, aka Pretty Woman meets anything but, is quickly shoving Hollywood aside for what lead Sasha Grey calls, "a new breed" of star (for those of you still unaware, Sasha hails from the adult entertainment industry, and is not ashamed of her past). It's a Soderbergh, so you never know quite what to expect, except for the unexpected, and a minimalist, jazzy score. Oh, and George Clooney, I am definitely expecting George Clooney. 

Even if I hate the film, I still want/need 
this poster. 


That hat never looked so good...

Dan Fogler's screen test as Sam Kinison has been making its way around, and it's given me a whole new respect for the man. Not only does he look remarkably like Kinison, but he's able to channel the guy's insane scream filled act without breaking a sweat (well maybe a little sweat). It was only a matter of time till a Kinison bio-pic made its way to screens. His screams can only be avoided for so long. What do you think of Fogler as Kinison? Who could do better?

"Yeah, that's not gonna happen."

The Hangover Trailer

Bangarang! The first full trailer for The Hangover has landed! I think it looks like it has the potential to be pretty funny, but I'm more curious to hear what you think...

Nolan keeps you on your toes
You heard it here about DiCaprio's future team up with Christopher Nolan for Inception, an mentally internalized sci-fi actioner, and now words out that Nolan is in talks with the three pictured above about co-starring. Murphy's a no-brainer, given he's worked with Nolan before, and Cotillard is fairly expected too, she's on everyone's casting wish list these days. But Juno... little Miss Ellen Page is unexpected. Is it possible that Nolan saw the pregnant teen and just knew had to have her? Whatever the reason, I'm had my fill of Page for awhile, so maybe he'll back off this one.

Separated at Birth?

News of these two joining Jonah Hex didn't excite me as much as the fact that I didn't realize how much alike they look... Creepy isn't it? As happy as I was that Heath posthumously took home Oscar gold for the Joker, it's too bad Shannon had to be up in the same year. He was far and away my favorite part of Revolutionary Road


Tuesday DVD Release Rundown (a day late)

For full list go here.


Manic Monday
Just wanted to very briefly sum up my thoughts on Monday night's exceptional television programming (otherwise known as guilty pleasure night)...SPOILER ALERT...

Big Bang Theory - This Penny-centric episode rock and rolled my socks. From Sheldon's impeccable Captain Ackbar impersonation, to Wolowitz's long awaited cat fight, this was definitely a can't miss ep. For any hatas out there, it is completely believable that Penny would be jealous of a new girl. Like Sheldon said, there can only be one Queen Bee, and we know ain't no one movin' in on Penny's devoted geek squad. Also, interesting that Penny chose to wear a Hillary shirt instead of Obama... I think the writers are trying to tell us something. And how cute was it that she tried so hard to memorize that physics joke!

In any event, how many times do I gotta tell you, watch this show.

Gossip Girl - In the promo for the next new ep in two weeks (ughh why must they torture me?!), Chuck asks the question, "Haven't we done this before?"
The answer is yes. Josh Schwartz and co. are using a familiar television device called, script repeating. Basically the show appears to be a crossroads/roadblock. I still love it, but when Serena started talking about how her life was exactly the same as it had been the last time socialite Poppy Lifton came to town, it hit a little too close to home. With Nate and Blair rekindling their sparkless romance, Chuck seducing Vanessa, Dan and Serena back on an upswing from their last break-up, and Jenny being ridiculous non-sensical Jenny... well it's as if you could have stopped watching the show months ago, started again and not missed a thing. Careful Schwartzy, I'm a devoted fan that will stick by you through anything, but others may not be so kind. At this moment, I'm feeling like maybe next year GG should pull a Skins and start fresh with a new cast of characters, leaving them free to wrap up this pre-college season in a nice neat bow. Don't shoot me yet Chair fans, I'm all for more B/C action, but they can only do the break up/make up thing so many times before it gets old. 

Apologies to the best readers in the world for being behind on my movie reviewage... a catch up session will be in order soon. And for all you Mad Men fans out there, I leave with you this:

Want to see more?


Matthew Lucas said...

Yeah the "Girlfriend Experience" poster is great.

Reminds me a bit of the Criterion cover of Godard's "A Woman is a Woman."

Mattson Tomlin said...

Sincerely hope that Ellen Page stays away from Inception.