This Week's Break Out!

First off, just want to give myself the slightest pat on the back for choosing Olivia Thirlby as last week's Break Out, and then low and behold she lands on the cover of this month's Nylon. Talented lady!

This week's Break Out is, a double dosage!! So First up is, The Lonely Island Boys!

Andy Samberg may be the "big name" at the moment (what with garnering widespread fame with his variety of funny faces and all), but the other Lonely Island boys deserve some play too (personally I have a soft spot for Jorma)! The dudes have been friends ever since junior high, and somehow they all came back together to team force it up on a quest to make hilarious videos for Mr. Lorne Michaels. Big hits include "Jizz in my Pants," and "On a Boat." How did they make it to the top selling album on iTunes? How did they take over "Digital Shorts?" Simple. They're awesome, just ask them. Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone and Samberg make up the group, and their bond of childhood humor comes through in everything they produce. This leaves scarf wearing indie boys and Jenny wannabes wishing they could cozy up to the trio, and you know... be their friend, making them lonely no more. Sure some people find them annoying and un-funny, but those people are probably just jealous that they aren't currently rocking a nautical themed pashmina afghan. Now, Samberg is set with the ultimate responsibility... hosting the MTV movie awards, and it's likely that his Island counterparts will be joining in for some stage time, maybe even a performance? Time to find out what the boys are made of...

So check out their vids, and be on the look out for news on Part 1 of this week's Break Out, Lonely Island!

Now for Break Out Part 2, Vinessa Shaw!

I talked a little bit about Vinessa and her humble beginnings back when I did my review of Two Lovers, and after seeing her stunning performance in that, I decided the girl needed a little revisiting. I decided first I'd ask you (readers) a few questions to find out how much you know about Shaw. 1. Did you know she was in Eyes Wide Shut? 2. Did you remember that she was Max's crush Allison in Disney's Hocus Pocus? 3. Did you know she's only been in 17 movies (not including t.v.)? So lets face it people, apart from Ladybugs, Two Lovers is pretty much her break out role. She's done other things, but how many of them have you seen? And of those, how many were worth seeing? Here's what I used to think of Vinessa Shaw, pretty girl, minimal talent. But now, after her pairing with Phoenix I think, pretty girl, underrated talent whose been typecast. Her performance in Lovers has stuck with me now months later, and the more I think about the more her reserved longing and sunken eyes impress me. Let me also just throw it out there that I haven't seen 3:10 to Yuma, which I hear is excellent, so unfortunately I cannot weigh in on her standing in this film, but others are welcome to. But beyond that, my basic consensus on Shaw is this: the girl needs meatier roles, one where her breasts aren't the entire focus of her performance (like in 40 Days and 40 Nights). She's proven now that she can do more, so give her more, and see what happens.

Vinessa Shaw, wraps up this week's double dosage of Break Out! Happy Rainy Monday (if you live in Westchester).

Also, April's Eye Candy Movie of the Month coming soon!


Tony Dayoub said...

Vinessa Shaw... you forgot to mention her heartbreaking appearance in The Hills Have Eyes.

Thanks for highlighting this wonderful actress. I've been captivated by her since Eyes Wide Shut. Two Lovers felt like a big reward to this Vinessa fan.

Actionman said...

I have been in love with her since Ladybugs. She didn't have much to do in Yuma besides lay around on a bed half-naked, but it didn't hurt the film. She was excellent in Two Lovers, easily and clearly her best on-screen work yet. She was sexy as hell in Eyes Wide Shut, but she was only on screen for a few scenes. And yes, she was definitely heartbreaking in Hills Have Eyes; her death scene is still one of the most gruesome I've ever seen in a film. She's got lots of talent and tons of beauty -- hopefully she starts getting bigger roles.

Oh yeah, The Lonely Island are amazingly funny and their album, Incredibad, is the best of its kind since Adam Sandler's seminal masterpiece They're All Gonna Laugh At You.

do you have a flag? said...

So glad you guys are feelin' the Vinessa love!