Happy Birthday Baby

I don't normally do Birthday posts for actors, but James McAvoy is a very special case.

You know how you and your significant other have those lists of people you'd... you know... if the opportunity ever arose? Well no offense to his wife, but McAvoy's my numero uno.

Plus did you happen to catch this amazing EW cover... no idea how I missed it.


Ranielle said...

I second that!

do you have a flag? said...

amen sister friend.

Karen said...

I really liked him in Wanted and Narnia. I haven't seen Atonement yet.


do you have a flag? said...

Karen, you MUST see Atonement! It's phenomenal (but very sad). Thanks so much for following! I'm enjoying reelartsy!

Trista DeVries said...

Dood my loins just throbbed.

I have to say though, my personal favorite (besides the bit where he hurts and shoots things in Wanted) was Penelope. I rented it just to see it and watched it three times that weekend. (Wait, was that my outside voice?)

do you have a flag? said...

OMG Trista, I literally just watched Penelope for like the 4th time last night. I know it didn't do very well, but I straight up love that movie!