Tag, I'm it!

Lovely Trista over at 10 Movies to See Before You Die, has tagged me in this "10 Favorite Movie Characters" thing. So HOLLA! Here they are...

1. Steven Carter - Get Real

He's warm, he's funny, he's real. And I don't care if he is gay, Steven Carter is my dream guy, and the best character in any movie I have ever seen. He wins every contest and tops every list, hands down.

2. Phil - Groundhog Day

The fact that he has eternity to contemplate the meaning of life alone makes Phil one of the most interesting film characters of all time, but the fact that he uses humor to muddle through is why he's number 2 on this list. He starts off as a sleazy, self absorbed ass who's constantly unhappy, but turns his life around to become a sleazy, self absorbed ass who got everything he never knew he wanted. Phil is the man, but only because he had enough time to become one.

3. Suzanne Stone (Maretto) - To Die For

Aspiring T.V. personality Suzanne Stone will do WHATEVER she has to achieve her goal of becoming a newswoman anchor. Anything goes in her world, including seducing three young teens into killing her husband. You've got to admire Ms. Stone for her boundless determination, and ability to pull off a lime green skirt-suit. This woman is going places, and nothing is going to stand in her way.

4. Lloyd Dobler - Say Anything

Ask any girl, Lloyd is likely the guy who she visualizes at the end of the aisle until she meets the real guy. He doesn't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. He doesn't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, he doesn't want to do that.

He holds radios over his head, shakes after sex, stays away from broken glass and holds your hand during take off.

5. Will - About a Boy

Will is content with his life. He doesn't need people. He has a brilliant flat, lots of high tech gadgets, the coolest jeans an a kickin hair cut. Every man is an island, and he stands by that... until he meets a little boy by the name of Marcus. That's when he starts feeding ducks, chasing ambulances and singing with his eyes closed. Even though Will has a change of heart and becomes more "people friendly" in the end, I really enjoy unreliable, emotionally-stunted, asshole Will.

6. Joe Oramas - The Station Agent

Joe is the classic good guy, who tries just a little too hard. He can't seem to take a hint, but that's part of his charm. Plus he makes a damn good cup a coffee, and who can't use a guy like that?

7. Cher Horowitz - Clueless

Like # 6 Joe, Cher's heart is in the right place, but she's just a little "Clueless." One thing I love about Cher is that she's always willing to try something new, whether it's driving on the highway, baking, parties in the valley or helping the homeless. I admire her for her openess. Plus who doesn't love her fabulous digital mix and match closet?

He's Kronk. Enough said. 

9. Holden Worther - The Good Girl

Nobody can pull off that baby blue vest and name tag like Holden. As he sits huddled at his register furiously reading "Catcher in the Rye," you can't help but want to take the guy to a motel room and shag him till he smiles. I love his general lack of enthusiasm, and choice of meeting places, i.e. Chuckie Cheese. He can stalk me any day. 

Let's face it, the zombie apocalypse is nearing, and we're going to need a guy who can get down to business and gouge out some eyeballs if necessary. Jim is reliable, trustworthy, hot even when he's covered in blood. If the zombie apocalypse means some quality alone time with him, then bring it on...

Runners Up

Max Fischer - Rushmore
J.D. - Heathers
Alice/Jane - Closer
Chris McCandless - Into the Wild
The Joker - The Dark Knight
Peter Banning - Hook
Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire - Mrs. Doubtfire
Tim Sullivan - The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
Mimi Slocumb - Igby Goes Down


Anonymous said...

Some great choices there - particularly Phil Connors. I love the arc he goes on, from spoiled selfish ass to karma-righteous gentleman!

do you have a flag? said...

Thanks! Yeah he was almost #1! I try to make a point of watching that movie at least twice a year

Trista DeVries said...

Dood I hate Groundhog Day. Seemed completely pointless... until I read this list. That is one startlingly good argument for that character. I love him more already.

Joe, Will, Cher. Some of my favorite people to watch on the screen. Excellent pics!

Oh, and Lloyd Dobler is the perfect man: bumbling, loyal, occasionally mean, good choices in music when blared at your open windows and takes your virginity in the back of a car. When I was 15 this was all I wanted from a man. Was that so hard? Clearly, yes.

do you have a flag? said...

Trista, I think what you said about Groundhog Day might be the biggest compliment I've ever gotten...

Anonymous said...

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