The Dark of the Matinee voted for me, so should you!

The Mad Hatter over at Dark of the Matinee needs no introduction, he's just awesome, further proven by his throwin' some votes my way in the 2009 Lammy Awards (Most Ambitious and Most Prolific). The Dark of the Matinee is one classy film blog, complete with lovely reviews, trailers and honesty/comedy. I dig him, and so should you... or else. To top it off, he's taking a Do You Have a Flag? classic, Today I Feel Like This... and making it his own! I'm so excited to see what he comes up and he started off on the right foot with this!
So visit The Dark of the Matinee and VOTE FOR DO YOU HAVE A FLAG? in the 2009 LAMMY AWARDS! Voting ends MAY 31st!

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