Heart to Heart

Well Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother fans have something in common tonight (And I'm lucky I'm both). Not only did the season finales of both shows premiere, but both audiences are now living in fear of love fulfilled... sort of.

So Upper East Siders/Brooklynians, we've waited, and waited, and waited for 2 whole seasons. We've held our tongue as Chuck fled to various Asian countries and smoked a myriad of exotic substances. We've bit our pillow as Blair sabotaged herself by getting back together with Nate, AGAIN (and even sleeping with an uncle here and there). We've thrown stuffed animals at the t.v. as we watched the horrifying Chuck/Vanessa love fest. We've seen it all and lived to tell the tale. And now, FINALLY... SPOILER ALERT... Chuck said, "I love you too." Never have 4 little words made me so happy and so scared at the same time. My fears are likely the same of the show's creators, and the every writer from here to eternity. Once the girl and boy get together... what comes next? Do you break them up again right away? Do you delve deep into "relationship stuff?" Do you bring in a mystery man or woman to stir up trouble? Or do you pull an Office, and just let them be happy, get engaged and have babies? Since they'll all be going to college next year, apparently with Georgina (she's baaaack, semi-permanently it looks like), it's likely that even with the love in their hearts, it won't be smooth sailing for B and C. Buuuut, in Chuck's own words, they're inevitable. Which means, if we're lucky and the show doesn't immediately go downhill, we have good stuff worth tuning in for next season, which starts August 31st! So mark your calendars, before the summer's officially out, we'll be back in GG land. As far as the other less important plot lines go, Rufus and Lily got engaged, Jenny is the new Queen Bee, Dan, Vanessa and Georgina are going to NYU, Serena and Carter Baizen are off to find Mr. Van der Woodsen, Nate will be joining Vanessa on a backpacking trip through Europe afterall, Lily and Rufus' love child is in NYC going to NYU and he knows who his parents are, and Nelly Yuki always loved Dan. Head on over to the tumblr for my memorial to the happy event (B&C, not Nelly Yuki).

Somewhere, in another part of NYC (a considerably more affordable part), we find Robin and Barney at a crossroads. As soon as either one tries to admit real feelings to the other, they instantly back away from their declaration, showing once again that they're perfect together. But perfection is complicated, and their qualities in common will likely continue to keep them apart, at least for awhile (and apart from a few late night meetings). They did share a kiss (which didn't quite have the poignancy of Blair and Chuck's) and luckily for the writers, the kiss didn't answer any questions. So it's not quite "love fulfilled" for Barney and Robin, but there is love in the air. And we now know that Ted's future wife is somewhere in his new architecture class... yeah, that narrows it down. Bastards.

Oh and we meet the goat. It was anti-climactic.

So till next season New York television show lovers, keep your eye on DVD release dates, and news from Watch with Kristin and Ask Ausiello on the fates ahead.


Mikey Filmmaker said...

I love HIMYM, but I haven't seen any of this season. I actually skipped that whole section of your post. No hard feelings, though. I usually just get it on DVD and watch the whole season in a marathon.

do you have a flag? said...

Ahhh sorry! I don't want to ruin things for people waiting for the dvd. I just get so excited and want to get my thoughts out. I love doing TV show season marathons. not too long ago i did the first season of big bang theory. it really is the best way to watch tv if you can make yourself wait.