Mommies are people

With Mother's Day a week away, I thought this might be a good time to revisit some of Hollywood's most famous mother/daughter duos.

Like Mother, Like Daughter... It runs in the family

Baby it's you... Hollywood's little Darlings

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes

Matilda Ledger and Michelle Williams

The baby-making/adopting machine, Angelina Jolie

Pregnant and Proud of it

Tea for Two... The World's Best mother/daughter duo

Little Edie and Big Edie Bouvier

Living Lohan... The World's Worst mother/daughter duo

The Pregnant Teen Mommie

Juno, aka Ellen Page

Mother of the Year... sorta

Lucille Bluth, aka Jessica Walter

"You might want to let that fire go out before you stick your face in it."


Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you've included Little and Big Edie!

Karen said...

That video is hilarious! I wonder what videos we'll be laughing about 20 years from now. Anyhow, Goldie and Kate look so much alike! It's amazing. They make similar movies too.