Movies in Frames never sleeps... and it ain't no saint

Ma gurl Ranielle over at the Film Brat brings us our newest Movies in Frames.

This reminded me of something very important. I still haven't seen Boondock Saints. And before you ask, no, I have no idea what's wrong with me. Thanks for the reminder to add to my "to watch" list Ranielle!

So with 3 Movies in Frames under her belt, Ranielle is now the reigning champ. But I'm sure she wouldn't mind having some rivals... You all are doing a phenomenal job of narrowing down complex movies into 4 frames. I'm impressed.

Send your Movies in Frames to cheerfuld8@gmail.com. Go!


Ranielle said...

Wait until you see what I have for you next!

Actionman said...

I hated the boondock saints. rent the doc Overnight -- it's much better as a piece of filmmaking and EXTREMELY funny. troy duffy is a douche.