Matte Havoc The Independent Film Commentator voted for me, so should you!

D.J. Heinlein over at Matte Havoc The Independent Film Commentator did the right thing, he voted for Do You Have a Flag? in this year's Lammy Awards (are you sick of hearing about this yet? No, well then I'll keep going). D.J. has put together a phenomenal blog with a lot of insight. Most recently I dug his 10 Favorite Characters Meme, as well as introducing me to "script girl." Maybe one day my boobs will be that large, I'll get Tina Fey glasses and then I can do my own youtube show...

So be sure to check out Matte Havoc the Film Commentator and VOTE FOR DO YOU HAVE A FLAG? in the 2009 LAMMY AWARDS! Voting ends MAY 31st!

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