This Week's Break Out!

This Week's Break Out is, Imogen Poots!

Aside from her wildly ridiculous name, Imogen Poots appears by all means relatively ridiculous-less. The native Londoner is 20 (so it's safe to drool, she's no longer jail bait), and while her resume may still be less than lengthy she's had some memorable roles, most notably as daughter Tammy in 28 Week's Later, a film she co-starred in with last week's Break Out, Jeremy Renner (whose show The Unusuals was just cancelled, tear.). While she has an incredibly striking face, her acting talent is nothing to sneeze at either, and I have every confidence she will only continue to get better. You might have also recognized her as young Valerie during flashback sequences in V for Vendetta. I also caught in the British mini series Miss Austen Regrets as Fanny Knight. So what makes her a Break Out? Cause even if you know her face, you can be pretty damn sure her peculiar name will escape you. I long for the day when all know the name Imogen Poots.

So keep your eyes peeled for this crazy eyed, crazy named starlet and this week's Break Out, Imogen Poots!

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