Alec's an alien, Dan's an idiot, and Sheldon is my homeboy

  • I really have no idea what the heck Penn Badgley is doing in this picture or as Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl (but it doesn't really matter cause LOOK at those arms)... SPOILER AHEAD... c'mon Dan! Taking your high school teacher out on dates, then getting mad at your GF when she catches you, then blaming Blair for all your problems AND THEN, sleeping with Ms. Carr... Clearly this week's ep was filler and fraught with the perils of writers room block. I mean, they made an Eyes Wide Shut plot boring? Oh wait, that movie was dullsville. And did I mention that the show is now on hiatus for a month... In any event, best line of the show had to be "You have anything you want to tell me?"  "Umm, besides I'm glad you're not wearing that raccoon make-up anymore, cause you looked like one of the Incredibles." Kudos Dan for finally calling out lil' J on her "I'm indie, so I'm going to dress like a homeless person" look.

Gossip Girl airs Mondays at 8pm on The CW  

  • God, I love these kids! I was very skeptical of The Big Bang Theory before I started watching, given my love/hate relationship with laugh tracks, but the show honestly keeps getting better, and I even LOL (for realz). The credit goes to Alex for continuing to harass me that the show was good, despite my initial protests (thanks for ignoring my ignorance). The cast has the kind of chemistry that makes you love watching them, feeling akin to their ups and downs, but also hate them because Penny works at a Cheesecake Factory and Sheldon's socially incapable, and somehow their lives still look more fun than yours... SPOILER AHEAD... This week, Sheldon lends Penny money, but in a surprisingly "un-sheldony" way. While the man can be easily flustered into a panic attack if you sit in his chair or touch his egg roll, it seems giving Penny several hundred dollars with no knowledge of a return date is A Ok. Gotta love the writers for making him infinitely anally retentive, but still generous. 

The Big Bang Theory airs Mondays at 8pm on CBS


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