• PLOT PUZZLE #1 - The above pictures are part of the first ever Plot Puzzle, soon to be a bi-monthly addition to Do You Have a Flag! The idea is to create your own visual narrative according to what you see, aka make up your own SHORT movie description.
Here are the rules:

- Keep your plot description as SHORT and ridiculous as possible, around 80 words or less, but even a kick ass sentence will do.

- Bonus points for creative movie titles 

- You can comment here or email your plots to cheerfuld8@gmail.com 

- The contest will be open for entries for 2 weeks. All entries MUST be in March 2nd. Winner and runners-up will be announced on March 3rd. 

- There will be a link in the sidebar to all plot puzzles so you can come back to them. 

Here's an example of what I would write: Set in the 1920's, flapper Janie (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is trying desperately to get out of the city and away from her past, but when an escaped inmate releases a mysterious toxin into the air, everyone in the city begins changing... into various forms of sea animals. As zombie mobs head out to sea to take their new found sea creature shape, Janie is running out of time to save her little brother from permanently becoming an evil seahorse. With the help of retired school teacher and former flame Baxter (Christian Bale), they race against the clock to save her brother and find their way back to each other. 

Get the idea? I'm sure y'all can do better than me, SO START SENDING IN YOUR PLOTS!

  • It's Tuesday! Which means it's new DVD release day. Here's the rundown:

Go buy any one of these, Just promise you won't buy Hounddog.

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  • Finally, check out the Lymelife trailer. The film stars Cynthia Nixon, Alec Baldwin, Kieran and Rory Culkin, Jill Hennessy and Emma Roberts. Set in the 70's, the film follows a divorce, and the coming of age of 15 year old Scott (Rory). I've been waiting for this for a long time, but really only because it marks the return of Kieran Culkin, who made me fall in love with him in The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys and Igby Goes Down.


Anonymous said...


When alien Scinta lands on earth, she takes the form of an attractive prostitute. With the goal of world domination in mind, she poisons individuals and then steals their free will. But one man stands in the way of her evil plot. Army soldier Mason is ordered to capture and kill the alien temptress, but will be able to kill her while in her beautiful human form?

do you have a flag? said...

Thanks anonymous!

Gail Fuld said...

...well on the surface, we seem to have a typical, but always well received, girl meets boy-boy is totally clueless how to treat girl-girl temporarily thinks that her wardrobe and 20's hairstyle may be the problem and briefly tries to acquire an Angelina Jolie meets Bjork at the Oscar's look, but it too fails. Girl, as expected, has a mental meltdown-girl goes to hang with her other "relationship casulty" friends (girls are bonders), while boy finds happiness and testosterone heaven, with his boy toys. What really sets this film apart, despite its well trodden theme, is the director's pulling from an unbelievable array of other great movie/t.v. fare to make this film really pop! You will see scenes reminiscent of: Serendipity (just better dressed); a more adult Bye Bye Birdie telephone hour, Night of the Living dead, Saving Private Ryan, a very creative pairing of Penelope meets Linda Blair and even Jim Cantore's Storm Stories-wow, who would think...

Anonymous said...

High class hooker and con-artist, Elaine (Maggie Gyllenhaal), has Leonard (Christian Bale) right where she wants him. Poised to make off with millions of the marine-turned-banking executive's dollars, she is suddenly confronted by the demons of her past...literally. When Elaine was a child, she was possessed by the deranged soul of a mythical sea creature. Now her exorcism is wearing off, and she must fight to contain the beast within her. Now it seems it's up to Leonard to save the woman who was only after his fortune. Will he free her in time, or will Poseidon's feral beast consume her forever?

Yikes, that sounds like an awful film. I'd rent.

do you have a flag? said...

ahhh I love them! so many B movies in the making here people!

blake said...

I saw Lymelife at Sundance. It's fantastic!