M. Night directs Avatar? Tell me this won't be Joaquin's return to film...

Apparently M. Night has decided to continue making films after The Happening, even though I strongly advised him not too... mentally. But instead of a deeply conceived, self written, semi-suspense story, this time he'll be directing a live action version of the hit anime series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. There's already been a lot of controversy surrounding the casting about whether or not white actors should play Asian and Inuit characters. Since I am not personally invested in the outcome of this film, a lot of the fan outcries seem a little melodramatic, but I know how invested I was in the casting for Twilight, so Avatar fans, I understand your concern. But, I've slammed movies for casting prior to watching before, and usually end up feeling later that I jumped the gun. At least give the film a chance to prove you wrong. I am kind of excited about the newest casting development of Dev Patel signing on. The more I re-watch eps of Skins, the more I remember how much he rocks. Patel will be replacing teen dreamsicle Jesse McCartney due to his other career as a musician... "career."

and god, The Happening was so very bad.

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