S. Darko will go straight to DVD... as it should

And another terrible idea bites the dust... I think most fans of the cult phenomenon Donnie Darko can agree on one thing: a sequel was and is a terrible idea. Thankfully the ill concieved film S. Darko (which has no connection with original writer/director Richard Kelly), will go direct to DVD. It seems the fans weren't the only ones lacking confidence in this production about Donnie's sister. But studio heads aren't scrapping the project completely, thereby allowing for people to still see it, in the comfort of their own cellars (c'mon Darko fans, tell me you caught that reference). As much as I'm sure it will disappoint, I need to see it for 2 reasons: 1. Because my obsession with the original film will get the better of me, and 2. Ed Westwick's in it.

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