New Dragonball Evolution Trailer, and the Thrifting trip that almost was

Yes, I occasionally watched Dragon Ball Z as a kid, and YES, I will be seeing the movie. But, as it turns out, Dragonball Evolution might actually be good... for a live action anime action movie. There seems to be a lot of those around lately. What can I say, I am so excited to see James Marsters (aka British bad boy Spike from the Buffy) as alien Piccolo. And Emmy Rossum is Bulma! Check out the new teaser trailer.

I didn't watch the show that much, just sometimes. Stop judging me.

Met filmmaker Margaret Brown today, and came very close to a thrift shopping extravaganza (for her Independent Spirit Awards outfit), but sadly, not enough time between screenings of her new film, The Order of Myths. It's out on DVD, Netflix, etc, so there's no excuse not to see it people!

One last thing, don't see The Wisdom of Crocodiles (aka Immortality). You see the words vampire and Jude Law in the description, and you think it might be fun, but I promise you, it's not.


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