Is Monster's, Inc. back in business?

Ask and you shall receive seems to be Pixar's new motto as news breaks that plans for the long awaited
Monsters, Inc. sequel are supposedly i
n the works (thanks for the scoop First Showing!). Director Pete Docter who just finished UP, the upcoming release from Pixar, hasn't officially confirmed this sequel news yet, but I'm guessing the rumors are true. Next to The Incredibles (which practically has sequel tattooed on its... arm), Monsters, Inc. is the most requested Pixar film. Rabid fans are dying to know, so tell us Docter, is it true?

Third Narnia to upgrade (hopefully)

Prince Caspian lacks everything that makes a movie likable. Yes
, this is harsh, and I do apologize to those that I might offend, but this film was incoherent, dismal and boring. I still have high-ish hopes for its "breakout star", Ben Barnes (coming to screens soon as Dorian Gray), but I didn't come to that decision based on his performance as "I desperately need a better accent" Caspian. Honestly, now might be a good time for the Narnia franchise to cut it's losses and just scrap the rest of their planned films, but they have decided to the opposite. For the third film, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, they've gone ahead and hired a new writer, Michael Petroni (best known to me as co screenwriter of The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys). For fans, this could mean that your third film might be better than the first too... but I would be wary of too much optimism at this point. Can all the original live action BBC Narnia fans throw 'ya hands in the air? People in beaver suits are always better than digital beavers.

Goode and Adams Roam Ireland

Matthew Goode (Brideshead Revisited and Match Point) and Amy Adams (Doubt and Enchanted) are set to team up in the romantic comedy Leap Year (releasing in 2010). The film will center on Adams, a young woman who attempts a surprise proposal to her boyfriend in Ireland on Leap Day. But bad weather and screenwriters
get in her way. Enter Goode, who'll play an Irish inn keeper who guides her across Ireland. The producers are the same ones behind King Arthur, P.S. I Love You, and Becoming Jane. Have you ever heard such a sad, bad movie list? But I'll stick with Adams through anything.

Do you want this directing Eclipse?
The Twilight movies have had more headlines this week than anything else, and that's even WITH the reviews of Watchmen starting to roll in. But the most bone shattering one to drop yet is that Summit is courting Drew Barrymore to direct Eclipse. I think my soul just died, came back to life, heard that headline, and died again. So you're telling me that the girl who just did Beverly Hills Chihuahua is "at the top" of someone's list to direct a major movie franchise? I think I need some air.... Now I know what you're going to say,

"oh, but she just directed this cool indie flick with Ellen Page!".....

"Awww she's just so cute in Adam Sandler movies, throw her a bone and let her direct

I make you this vow to you now readers and moviegoers, and you know this is hard for me because I am an admitted
Twilight rally girl... If Drew Barrymore directs this movie, I am officially done supporting, watching and anything else to with these films. Do you hear me Summit? AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, I WILL NEVER WATCH TWILIGHT AGAIN.

(that's probably not true, I'm a pushover)

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