Is that..is...no it can't be...but it is, Jude Law

Having just finished the amazing Orlando (which I may write more about soon), I decided to go IMDb the mastermind behind it, Sally Potter. Low and behold, she has a new gender bending tale in the works, Rage. The film will follow a murder mystery in the fashion world. The cast looks bangin' (Eddie Izzard, Judi Dench and Steve Buscemi among others), but the real story is Jude Law finally taking on the role he was born to play, an actual female supermodel named Minx (and yes that's really him, not Amy Winehouse). Law is in good company, following in the footsteps of Cillian Murphy (Breakfast on Pluto), Gael Garcia Bernal (Bad Education), who've played beautiful surprisingly convincing women. But unlike the others, Law's character actually is a woman. Being that pretty, he couldn't go forever without stepping into a pair of high heels at least once. I have a strong vibe that this movie will be right up my alley, but one things for certain, it's gotta be better than Immortality

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