It's not Pixar, but it's adorable all the same

  • Oktapodi is up for Best Animated Short at the Oscars this year. You can't help but go "awww."
  • "Greed is good," and now it's better than ever. NYTimes The Moment posts an ad campaign for a new fragrance, aptly named Greed, featuring Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams battling out.
  • My moo.com blog business cards finally arrived today, and I am totally psyched! Holla if you would like one. They're aesthetically pleasing, I assure you.

Saw Kung Fu Panda tonight, and there will definitely be more on that tomorrow...

Update: If anyone's had trouble watching the video because it was removed, the problem should be fixed now. AND you can also watch in HD!


The Mad Hatter said...

I found this clip last week and laughed so hard! I too have a soft spot for Pixar, but I'd really like to see this short pick up an Oscar!

blake said...

Thanks for the comment! I quite enjoy your blog as well. While I'm a more closeted fan of Marie Antoinette, I'm a die-hard fan of Sophia Coppola. Keep up the eye candy!

blake said...

PS - I wanted to link to your blog, but I'm not sure what title you prefer?