Michael Jackson is having a fire sale?!

  • Indeed Mr. Jackson is... and you can see the variety of creepy items here... oh save the children (and I really hope all you Arrested fans got the reference).  
  • Have you ever thought to yourself, man, I wish I had a handy way to rank my favorite movie trilogies... Well enter illustrator and blogger Dan Meth, who decided to go ahead and create this handy dandy chart. You may not agree with his rankings, but you can't deny this is great.
  • FilmJunk alerts us that despite all the rumored projects in the works, what may be next up for director Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Planet Terror and... Spy Kids?) is actually an original story called Nerverackers. Set in 2085, a soldier tries to stop a crime wave breaking out in a utopian society. I'm sensing a male powered version of AEon Flux, what about you?

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