Total Eclipse of the Heart

  • It's official. Despite the fact that filming for The Twilight Saga: New Moon hasn't even begun yet, Summit has decided to go ahead and greenlight the third book in the series, Eclipse, for the screen. Having already even gone as far as setting release date of the film for June 30, 2010, it's not surprising that Chris Weitz will not be directing Eclipse. The films will have to be shot very close together, making New Moon's post production schedule clash with filming of Eclipse. So who will this mystery director for the third film be? I think Summit's getting way ahead of us enough already as is, so maybe let it remain a mystery for awhile. New Moon is in the unique position of having a lot of pressure riding on it, but also none at all. Twilight was split down the middle on audience approval, so either way, someone's not going to be happy with the sequels.

  • The above photo may look entirely "Marilyn Minter-ish," but I assure you, it's not her. These are actually promotional photos for Kiehl's lip gloss, which if you haven't heard of it, don't feel bad (I didn't know till college friends made me try some). Kiehl's is great for when you want color, but not overwhelmingly so. But back to the reason why I posted it here (on a movie blog)... Wouldn't these make for a great movie poster, or dvd cover? I call dibs on the gumballs one. 

  • I feel kind of like a poser for putting this up, since I have not actually seen Brick yet, but I just love the poster so much. When The Movie Blog wrote about this painted poster being up for auction in support of the AIDS Project Los Angeles, I had to write about it. Isn't it gorgeous? It's a little depressing, but beautiful, and apparently you can only get one if you worked on the film, or if you bid on it now in LA. I don't have money to bid on a poster for a movie I haven't seen yet currently, but if someone would like to purchase it for me, I wouldn't be opposed to that.

  • Sweet and lovely Hugh Jackman... I feel for ya buddy. I know you'll do a great job as Oscar host, but I only wish you were doing it in a better year. Ratings these last few shows have been abysmal, and the movies in the running this year are all pretty much sub par. But you just keep on dancin' Hugh, don't let anything take away from your big night. 

  • Funny People will be Judd Apatow's attempt at serious mixed in with some funny. Don't know if it will all pull off, but I think he picked the right leading man for the job in Adam Sandler. His more emotional performances in Spanglish and Punch Drunk Love are completely underrated. Apatow's wife and daughters are also back on the big screen. That man just loves bringing his family to work. Will be in theaters July 31.

  • Paris 36 looks cute enough, but will it be able to hold my attention for a whole movie? Limited release beginning April 3.  

  • I saw the trailer for Sunshine Cleaning a long time ago, and forgot to post about it (sorry!). I love Amy Adams to pieces, and I have this thing for films with the word "Sunshine" in the title. Apparently Alan Arkin does too. Plus bonus cast members of Steve Zahn and Emily Blunt! So excited! Starting a limited release March 13.


Robert Paul Medrano said...

HOw could have not seen "brick" yet? It is so far beyond fantastic I almost wanna slap you for this...I mean, I won't but still.

do you have a flag? said...

oh my goodness, well i promise to see it right away robert! no slaps please.