How To Be... safe?

  • So the Watchmen merchandisers have decided to spring for condoms. It's very thoughtful of them to be so encouraging of safe sex, but these look a little... cheap. Who knows, 9 months from March 6th, we might have a whole bunch of Watchmen babies! In other Watchmen news, the first reviews have started to roll in, and according to Hollywood Elsewhere, they're not exactly pleasant. I won't go into details and let you read the article for yourself, but they use the words "campy," "sillyness," and "melodrama." 


  • Yet another great NYTimes Moment Blog photo from fashion week. Y'all know my love of pretty colors, so I couldn't help myself. If I ever do make my own movie, it will likely be a succession of cakes on conveyer belts in a high tech asian restaurant under flashing colored lights, while an indie rock band plays drunk in a corner... You would see it, you know you would.
  • There have been a lot of rumors abound this week that the lovely Michael Sheen would be voicing the Cheshire Cat in Burton's Alice in Wonderland. But it has now be confirmed that he won't be the cat, but he will still be in the movie. But guess who will be Mr. Cheshire.... STEPHEN FRY! Yessssssssss. I love you.

ST. NICK trailer from ST NICK on Vimeo.
  • SpoutBlog posted this the other day for one of the SXSW films, ST. NICK. The movie is about a brother and sister on the run, from what we're not sure. I've already watched it a few times, and I don't know if I can explain why, but I am really diggin' this trailer. Will it make it to theaters, doubtful. But will it make it to the Burns... god I hope so.

  • Robert Pattinson blah blah. Twilight, blah blah. Desperate to be indie, blah blah. I don't have a lot of faith in this movie, but I am now on my fourth time watching the trailer (lord knows why). I keep watching it. I kind of like the song, and some of the shots with the little old man therapist in the background really make me laugh. Ultimately I think it's growing on me. It is about having a quarter life crisis afterall, so I'm sure it will resonate. Except I don't have exceptionally floppy hair.

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