You may have noticed...

there are now a lot of Amazon.com banners and widgets around the blog. I had been trying to figure out for awhile, a way to do targeted advertising that reflected the nature of the blog, not just the random ads generated by adsense. Not only does Amazon offer the ability to put up targeted banners which will take you directly to the DVD section of their website, but it also allows me to post lists of DVDs I would like to recommend, as well as my own wish list (for anyone who's interested). I hope that this can be an interesting and helpful addition ot the blog!

Now, I am in no way pressuring anyone to do this, but if you happen to be browsing through the DVD lists and come across an item which you would like to buy through Amazon, then by clicking any of the links located on the blog and then purchasing the item within the same session, I will recieve a small amount of money in the form of
Amazon.com store credit. I would really really (REALLY) appreciate anyone who is willing to help me out in this way! But, as I said, no pressure! Think it more as a happenstance thing. And if I can encourage anyone to watch or buy some of my favorite DVDs, then my job here is done :)

So on the sidebar to the right, check out a slideshow of some of my favorite films, and also my DVD wish list!

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