"Up" and "Year One" Superbowl Spots

Next up for the unchallenged leader in computer animation, aka Pixar, is Up! Set for a May 29th release, the film will follow 78 year old grumpy Carl Fredricksen, who sets out to see South America by tying thousands of balloons to his house. Only problem is an 8 year old stowaway ends up traveling with him. A never before seen sneak peak at the movie aired tonight during the Superbowl, watch it here! To watch the teaser trailer, go here. I get uncontrollably excited for every new Pixar film seeing as they never let me down (except for Cars), so Up should be no exception. And who doesn't love the idea of flying by way of balloons? It's every little kid's fantasy!! 

This summer (June 19th to be exact), Harold Ramis' somewhat anxiously awaited movie, The Year One, will hit theaters. The plot surrounds a couple of incapable hunter/gatherer's (Jack Black and Michael Cera) who are banished from their primitive village and forced to globe trot through the ancient world... yeah, I'm pretty excited for it too! This could be a project that falls flat on it's face, but I have a lot of faith in Ramis, who directed one of my all time fav movies, Groundhog Day. It's also written by two of the genius' behind The Office, Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, who happen to be currently working on the script for Ghostbusters III... awesome. Tonight during the Superbowl,  a clip from the film aired, featuring Black and Cera attempting unsuccessfully to hunt for food and then running into Cain and Abel, played by Paul Rudd and David Cross. Somehow, this reminded me how much I miss Tobias...

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