Tonight's Bangin' Big Bang Theory!

MASSIVE SPOILER AHEAD... Fans of the The Big Bang Theory have patiently been awaiting another Leonard/Penny hook up, after their teaser kiss in last season's finale. Tonight we finally got to see a glimpse of the possimpible (see How I Met Your Mother ep 4.14 for explanation ). Their awkward, but convincing chemistry (fueled by alcohol) came to fruition, sort of. The show continues to surprise me, by actually surprising me. Who thought that what would bring Leonard and Penny together again would the female Sheldon, aka, Leonard's mother (played by the awesome Christine Baranski)? Upon her arrival, she sends all members of the gang (with the exception of Sheldon) into a mental downward spiral, by psycho-analyzing them between trips up and down their apartment building. She pegs Raj and Howard as having created a faux homosexual marriage to satisfy their need for intimacy, and Penny as going into acting to try and both gain approval from and rebel against her father, who always wanted a boy. Right on mama Hofstadter! To try and escape her gnawingly truthful observations about their lives, Penny and Leonard indulge in a night of Tequila shots together, leading to a brief and hilarious near sexcapade. But as usual, Leonard's overactive brain got in the way, and he managed to say something which made Penny ditch the whole thing. Either way, the hook up proved that they do have real chemistry, something the show can count on as it moves forward. But even better than that (if possible), is Sheldon discovering his soulmate in Leonard's mother. Though it culminated only in a rousing game of rock band, it's clear that Sheldon has a crush, or as he would say, an alarmingly high compatibility rate, resulting in a mental affinity for the aforementioned individual. 

Hit that Sheldon.

and I am still mad at Gossip Girl for denying me new episodes till March... that's cold Josh Schwartz. 

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