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Harry Potter goes to war with Iron Man

The final Harry Potter film (Deathly Hollows Pt.2) gets a release date! And that date is July 15, 2011. Deathly Hollows Pt. 1 is set for Nov. 19, 2010. Apparently the Iron Man featured film of The Avengers is also scheduled for a release on that exact same date as HPDH Pt. 2. Looks like it's war between the wizards and the marvel universe. As much as I loved Iron Man, I'm rooting for wands all the way.

The Class inspires revival of "cool teacher" movies

Tonight I'll be seeing The Class (Entre les murs), the Oscar nominated French drama about a teacher who navigates the difficult topic of race with his students in a "tough" neighborhood. I'm looking forward to seeing it (review to follow shortly), and today, Total Film happens to have a feature (in honor of The Class) called 7 Insanely Cool Movie Teachers. It's a pretty good list, that covers most bases. I have a soft Spot for Jack Black in School of Rock.

Freida Pinto signs on with Woody Allen

Rising Star Freida Pinto has already gotten her next big break. She recently stated that her next film will be with Woody Allen. It feels like Scarlett Johansson all over again. Supposedly Naomi Watts, Anthony Hopkins and Josh Brolin are also all aboard with Allen. So what will this new film be about? I'm thinking it will be about a marriage falling apart between Watts and Brolin, due to his affair with Pinto? And Hopkins can play the wise mentor that Watts turns to in her despair... thoughts?

B Team with Ferrell and Wahlberg?

Adam McKay is back with avengeance it would seem. After less than amazing results from Step Brothers and Talladega Nights, all following the insane success of Anchorman, McKay hopes to hit a high note again with Will Ferrell and possibly Mark Wahlberg on B Team (the possibilities are endless). The script is written by Chris Henchy, who also wrote Ferrell's upcoming movie, Land of the Lost. Ferrell and Wahlberg? Sign me up! (Didn't you see I Heart Huckabees?).

Gondry saves The Green Hornet

I'm sure you've already read this a million places before seeing it here, but did other blogs have this cool trippy picture? Michel Gondry has taken up the reigns of the The Green Hornet after Stephen Chow dropped out. The film written by Seth Rogen and writing partner Evan Goldberg, has a release date of June 25, 2010, not to be confused with The Green Lantern, set to release in December 2010. I'm all for Gondry taking a stab at Hornet, he is one of my favs. And things can't get any worse for the movie, right?

Blanchett to play Maid Marian

Cate Blanchett has officially signed on as Maid Marian in the upcoming adaptation of Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe and directed by Ridley Scott. As much as I love Cate (despite her Benjamin Button misstep) and digg Ridley, I am less than pleased with Crowe. His last few movies have either been boring or uninteresting, or he's been boring an uninteresting in them. If I had heard about this back during his Gladiator days, I would have been a lot more enthused, but in the wake of films like Body of Lies and State of Play, I've just lost interest. But who knows?

Gore Verbinski to direct Clue Remake

Director Gore Verbinski, most famous for The Ring and Pirates of the Caribbean films, is not slated to direct a remake of Clue. This has got to be the umpteenth board game movie in the works. Unlike Candy Land however, Clue actually has the potential to make a good film (as evidenced by the 1985 Clue made with Tim Curry). I am pretty attached to the original Clue, but depending on casting, the remake could get my attention.

My Embarrasing Guilty Pleasure
Lastly, for now, I'm going to admit an embarrassing addiction. This is hard for me to say, but, I love watching Legend of the Seeker. As bad as the show might be, and as far away from the Goodkind books as the readers feel it is (never read them), I still love it. Gorgeous Australian Craig Horner plays Richard Cypher who is the "Seeker," a chosen one, on a quest to kill the evil Darken Rahl who has taken over the midlands. With him on his journey as his protectors and companions are, the high wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorrander aka Zed, and the beautiful confessor Kahlan (Bridget Regan). For a story that echos so many of the themes of Lord of the Rings, it is really nothing like it (except that they were both filmed in New Zealand). The show time and again lives up to it's syndicated nature. It has been likened to famed shows of the past, Hercules and Xena. I didn't watch either of those, so I can't fully compare their differences or similarities, but I can tell you that in it's own cheesy, lovable way, this show is fun to watch. Plus, I'm always a fan of good chemistry between leads (even when it's cliche). Check out Are You Screening's in-depth article on the show.


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