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I'm sure you've noticed that Watchmen has completely overtaken every movie site and blog from here to timbukwherever, so movie news that doesn't concern a giant blue phallus has been a little scarce. But here's a few snippets I found. Sorry for the delay on my reviews for Two Lovers (saw Saturday) and the aforementioned Watchmen (which I'll see this week), time is evaporating too quickly, but they're coming. Also my first review for In Review Online is up! It's my Confessions of a Shopaholic one, with some edits. Check it out here!

Roll The Credits!

I'm glad to find out that I wasn't the only one inspired by Watchmen's opening credits (which I saw illegally online and have since been taken down). Despite what side of the line you fall on in judging the film's merits, or lack thereof, filmgoers in general are fans of what Synder and yU+co designed to intro the movie. Had they simply done the credits as a pet project and posted them on youtube, it could have been a viral phenomenon all on it's own, but their attachment to the film either strenghtens or weakens them for people. Today Sean at Film Junk posted his top 15 opening credits. I agree with some of them, but not all, and some of the ones I hadn't seen before were pretty impressive. Be sure to check out the Mad Hatter's top 5 list tomorrow at The Dark of the Matinee. As for the image to the left, I just thought it was too adorable (isn't snoopy totally suited for Rorschach?). Also, Spout Blog's 5 comics that should never be turned into movies are totally on point. 


Segel Gets Busy With The Muppets
Last summer
Jason Segel showed
off his writing skills (among other things) with the comedic hit Forgetting
Sarah Marshall. I've seen it and it's funnier/more creative than I expected. He and Paul Rudd are just comedy soul mates. After Marshall's success (most notably for the vampire themed puppet musical within), he was called on to write the next Muppet movie. Interesting choice Muppet franchise... very nice! He's updated everyone by going on the Craig Ferguson show and proclaiming the script is done and in the studio's hands (still scheduled for a 2010 release). Being a ridiculously big Muppet fan, I'm dying to see what Segel came up with. Hopefully soon we'll know! (and if anyone's interested, I think Muppets Take Manhattan is by far the best).


Did You Hear About The Morgans? You're Not Missing Much
I don't even know why I'm posting this since the whole thing couldn't bore me more, but it's news... I guess. Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker are set to star in what I assume will be a romantic comedy. Plot is said to follow the New York couple join a witness protection program in Wyoming after witnessing a murder. I know, I wouldn't have jumped to romantic comedy immediately from that description either, but this will be Grant's third collaboration with romantic comedy mainstay, Director Marc Lawrence. They previously did the wonderful Two Weeks Notice, and the horrible Music and Lyrics. The new film will be called Did You Hear About The Morgans? Elizabeth Moss of Mad Men will also star as Parker's executive assistant. I just have no desire to see Grant and Parker get together in any way. I suppose it could be good, but for now, yawn.


Join The Bang Bang Club
Now here's a movie that might (I stress might) have potential. Malin Ackerman, better known now as Silk Spectre II, Ryan Phillippe, and Friday Night Lights favorite Taylor Kitsch (soon to play Gambit in X-Men Origins) will star in Steven Silver's The Bang Bang Club. The film will be based on the real life "Bang Bang Club" a group of South African combat photographers who showed the brutal violence of apartheid to the world. Of the group of 4, Ken Oosterbroeck was killed by friendly fire in 1994 and Kevin Carter committed suicide later that same year. The two still living, Joao Silva and Greg Marinovich, wrote the memoir on which the film will get its inspiration. Not knowing much about the director, Silver, I wasn't sure what to expect after hearing this news, but apparently he is a South African Documentarian, so now it's a no brainer. Phillippe will play the still living
 Marinovich, while Kitsch will take on the late Carter. Filming is set to begin in April.


FNL Renewal In The Works!?
Speaking of Friday Night Lights, Ausiello announced today that the show is in talks, and very close to pulling off another renewal!!!! The word ecstatic leaps to mind! For those of you not familiar with the show, it is an underrated masterpiece about life in the football mad town of Dillion Texas. It follows the lives of both high schoolers and their parents revolving primarily around Dillion Panther coach Eric Taylor and his family. The series is completely deserving of a fourth season score, but Ausiello highlights some of the obstacles still in our way. Two of the show's MVP behind the scener's, Jason Katims (writer) and Jeffery Reiner (director) might be moving full time to other shows, and there might be a big condition of the pick up... a two season renewal. While this is good news to FNL fans, the networks might not agree. If you're an FNL watcher, please sound off on Ausiello's post about wanting a renewal, and maybe our wish will come true!


Six Word Memoirs On Here Below
Now I don't know about the rest of you, but I just discovered Smith Mag's Six Word Memoirs, and some of them are hilarious. For instance, "14 and I worry about healthcare," and "My son's just like me. Shame." Check them out, and see what you can come up with. I'm still working on mine. It's not funny enough yet.

Lastly for now, it's the best Tuesday DVD Release Day in forever! Check out the choices:
NOTE: If you buy the Rachel Getting Married DVD and go to the Special Features, featurettes
you'll see there's a Q&A with the cast and crew at the Jacob Burns Film Center... That's where I work!)
(as always there's more, but these are the ones worth mentioning I think, for complete list go here.)

Just a quick note: Thanks so much to everyone's who's been reading, commenting, and participating on the blog! You guys have all been great and encouraging. I continue to try and find my niche and make the site better, so remember that comments are always welcome!

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