This Week's Break Out!

This week's Break Out is, Zeljko Ivanek.

There's a lot about this man that is mysterious, and complicated apart from his name. Ivanek, who hails from Yugoslavia, like last week's Break Out, is everywhere. It seems I can't turn around without seeing this man in some television or film cameo. In the last year alone the man's made notable appearances in Numb3rs, In Bruges, John Adams, The Mentalist, True Blood, House M.D., Damages, Big Love and Heroes. But while the his resume is a mile long, he does have this gnawing habit of playing the same character. It seems he's always the crafty businessman, or lawyer with a shady past. Occasionally he's even the closeted millionaire, they're all along the same lines. But hey, if you're really damn good at something, why not repeat it. From his close cropped silver head, to his impeccable suits, he's a character actor, meant for the stage, but who can leap into action in any medium. He was gifted with a creepy face, and the ability to deliver a good speech, and with that he's managed to make a living. I'd pat him on the back if I wasn't so scared. So now the question is, will he ever "break out" of his pattern, and play the forlorn romantic hero? Or how about the comedic relief? Maybe an animated woodland creature?

Naw, I'm thinkin' he'll stick to what he knows best.

So check out Zeljko Ivanek, this week's Break Out. You can't miss him. 


blake said...

I was really bummed when they killed his character off in Damages.

do you have a flag? said...

Me too. In fact, I stopped watching...