Living Room Cinema

Once again, Twitch has found something new and mindblowing. Below are the teaser and trailer for the upcoming web series from Trenton Lepp, Condition: Human. After watching the videos, you may be shocked to know that this was all filmed with an ordinary handycam, on an improvised green screen (aka two pieces of felt hung in a living room). The graphics and overall look that Lepp is able to achieve shows just how much talent still shines, even in an economic crisis.  

Condition: Human, the six part web-series, will be available online beginning April 1st, with each part approx. fifteen minutes in length. Below is the plot description from the site.


Visually it looks pretty damn impressive, but let's see in April how much the story lives up to the graphics. 

(There are a ridiculous number of talented people on Vimeo... it's unreal)