A Moment of Honesty

When I first saw Blade Runner not too long ago, I hated it. I mean, I realllly hated it. I finished it up, looked over at my friend, and we were both completely shocked. This was a classic? This was what people had been yelling at me to see for years? I honestly thought this was going to be a movie I would love for the rest of my life, one that I would instantly run out and buy at my nearest Borders (Borders shout out!). But there I sat on the couch, entirely unsure of how to proceed. How could I tell people I hated Blade Runner and not get assassinated by the movie police?

But now, over the past few months, I haven't been able to get this film out of my head. I think about it frequently, considering my initial disappointment. I think about the cinematography, the actors, the plot, the ambiguous (but not so ambiguous) ending. So here I am, hat in hand, ready to admit that I think I liked Blade Runner. I am not sure if I can explain how I came to this conclusion, or what happened to make my hatred turn to love, but I'm a changed film reviewer. Movies are mysterious things, just when you think you've got them nailed down, they shift on you.

So to Borders I go. 


Magicman said...

I am going to watch Blade Runner now. Very fun blog, I am going to link to it if it's alright!

do you have a flag? said...

Thank you for the lovely compliment! Definitely link me up, that would be awesome! I like your musings blog as well.

The Mad Hatter said...

I used to drive someone crazy when I reacted to their dislike for something by saying "You must have missed something - watch it again."

I totally know what you're talking about with this post since it's happened to me on more than one occasion (FARGO, THE THIN RED LINE, and 2001 to name a few).

But good on ya for circling back to it (It's one of my all-time faves).

g nemec said...

Hating on Babe, and now lukewarm on Blade Runner? I don't agree with you, but I will say that you should stick to your guns even if 99% of the world disagrees. Movies are subjective, like food.

However, the animal movie posters you chose are the answer to your question: All those movies SUCK. (Except Babe and its sequel.)

Maybe the real question is, why do so many animal movies suck? Same reason so many horror movies do: It's easy to go through the motions, push the obvious buttons, be a lazy filmmaker.

Tony Dayoub said...

Hey, I'm digging your blog, and have been following it for a while now. I'm also honored that you've been following mine.

Regarding Blade Runner, I'm wondering which version you like. I'm in the minority here, but I've always enjoyed the original theatrical version for its more overt noir stylings (including Ford's deadpan narration). I hate Scott's revisionist director's cut which (too thinly) implies that Ford is an android, a take on the story that seems pretty tenuous.

Anh Khoi Do said...

Well, Ivy, your inner strength is greater than mine. When I was in High school, I wanted to watch it with the thought that I'd like it. However, after 10 minutes, I decided to return the film to my local library and I was saying to myself: "People call that a classic!". What made me hate it back then? I got the feeling that the story didn't have a point. Finally, when I'll have enough nerves, I'll watch Blade Runner.

Finally, here are some good news. The zombie film that caught your attention, Pontypool, will be released in New York and Los Angeles on May 29. Of course, other cities and dates should follow. Have a nice day.

do you have a flag? said...

Mad Hatter - I realllllly need to see Fargo

Greg - I know, I'm a terrible human for all this movie hatred. It was just one of those days, y'know?

Tony - That is such an honor that you like the site! Cause I love yours. And I have to agree with you, I vote original theatrical version all the way.

Anh Khoi Do - Psyched about Pontypool, and it has been a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

Blade Runner is the Citizen Kane of future noir films. Don't diss the Blade! :p