Yet Another Half Blood Prince Trailer, it ain't a bad thing

My excitement for the summer continues to rise as another HPHBP trailer surfaces, and this one's all business. No funny intermittent one liners to be found, just fire, brimstone, and lots of spooky smoke. LOVE IT! Bring it HP, I'm more than ready.

I'm assuming this must be Ginny chillin in the Weasley twin's new shop, bangin!


Anders said...

wow, that was...dark. I don't remember the book reading as badass as that trailer made it out to be, but i'm actually looking forward to this now.

Anonymous said...

Movies movies movies movies AHHH!

While I'm not sure how Origins will be, I'm pumped to see Gambit, a young Scott Summers, Emma Frost, and others make appearances. Looks pretty badass though.

Same cautious optimism goes for Star Trek and Watchmen (which I'll be seeing tonight!). They could be great, or they could be epic letdowns. Time will tell.

But HBP...THAT looks solid. Oh, Summer, come nowwwwwww.

do you have a flag? said...

I KNOW! It looks so powered by the dark forces, that I'm literally shaking in my boots!

not really... just very excited for this movie.