Trailers GALORE and MORE! (Big Thanks to Always Amazing Twitchfilm.net)

Doing some much needed news and trailer catch up today! Been bookmarking some of these for awhile now and meaning to get them, so today's the day. 

(Please forgive the site if it's slow to load, she just take a little patience)

  • Teaming up once again with his muse and leading lady, Penelope Cruz, Pedro Almodovar bring us what will likely be another masterpiece, Los Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces). The film, whose teaser trailer can be found below, is characterized as a "thriller/drama," but looks more like a spanish soap opera with better cinematography. Supposedly it will follow in the style of '50's American Noir. Sounds fancy. I'm all for it. Thanks to the Film Experience Blog for finding the poster!. It reminds me of the gorgeous one Almodovar did for Volver. This one will be the next to cover the walls of cinephiles. 

  • God Joshua Jackson, first you go impressing me with Bobby and Fringe (which I can't believe is on ANOTHER frickin hiatus), and then a trailer like this comes out.... tisk tisk. One Week looks like it's trying to hard to be SO many things, it almost hurts to watch. And another movie about a terminally ill guy with a life changing road trip bites the dust. 

  • Forgive the fact that unfortunately for now the Forest of Nemi promo has no audio, and focus on what's important. IT LOOKS AWESOME! Twitch always seems to find the best stuff. More to come from them below. 
  • You've waited for it, and now here it is, the full trailer for 500 Days of Summer. Even though the new trailer gives a lot more insight into the movie and what it'll be like, I'm still fond of the original teaser. Something about the guy's constant narration stuck with me. Jeez Zooey, The Smiths? That was an easy one.  

Yeah... there's not too much there this week unfortunately. 

  • Sure the trailer for the crime noir film, Normal, is in a language you likely don't understand... but doesn't it look great anyway? Watching this made me want to rewatch Day Watch

  • There's so much about this trailer that made me laugh. 1) It looks like one of those straight to DVD films about Jesus that they market to homeschooled evangelists. 2) It sounds like the voice actors didn't even try to remotely sound convincing. And finally 3) It sounds like Jan Jurgen (Justin Theroux) from Tropic Thunder: Rain of Madness is narrating. 

  • I still have no idea what to make of this trailer for Memory of Bread, probably because there's not much to go on yet. except that it's a CG coming of age story set in the '60's. But I do know that the animation looks pretty amazing/a little freaky. Any knowledge or ideas on what this movie might have in store? 

  • Last but definitely not least, Leonardo DiCaprio is the next big star set to team up with Christopher Nolan (hot off the success of Dark Knight) in a a film written by Nolan called Inception. The film is slated to be released in 2010, but of course it's too early to say. According to Variety, the studio is calling it a "contemporary sci-fi actioner set in the architecture of the mind." With Nolan, anything sounds promising. 

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