Secret Crush on Steve Zahn and why Canada Occasionally Rocks

Swoon, it's Steve Zahn

I am not really a Jennifer Aniston fan (with the exception of The Good Girl). Once I saw SNL's Casey Wilson do an impression of her guest appearing on The View, it reminded me all the more just what's so annoying about her. Steve Zahn, on the other hand, is an overlooked, underappreciated favorite of mine. The guy has been making movies since '96, and while some people know his name, he's not nearly as famous as he should be. Management's quirky romantic comedy premise of a motel manager falling for a traveling saleswoman, will give Zahn a chance to show people why he's leading man material and why they should just stop giving jobs to Nicolas Cage (I don't know why these two are connected, but please stop giving Nic Cage roles!). So if in May this film ends up playing near you, see it to support Zahn, and just grit your teeth and ignore Aniston. Plus Woody Harrelson in a movie is never a bad thing.   

Spaced Marathon? I'M THERE!

There aren't many times when I think, man I wish I lived in Canada (no offense meant Canadians), but March 22nd will be one of them when Toronto hosts a weekend with Edgar Wright and a Spaced Marathon. For those of you who don't know, Wright created British comedy phenomenon Spaced, and directed Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, essentially anything to do with the Brit comedic duo Pegg/Frost. While unfortunately I can't flit off to Toronto to watch the marathon in full Canadian glory, I can make do with a mini marathon along with my NY peeps, DVD style.

My overriding message is, go rent Spaced

Still no PLOT PUZZLE 3 entries yet... did I stump you? I'll give you a pretty big hint... the answer has some connection to this post.

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blake said...

If you're a big Steve Zahn fan, and you haven't already, you should check out Rescue Dawn. He's fantastic in it.