Edward will Serenade, Cars will Fly, and I will eat PANSCAKES!

"I am a faun... and I am edible"
My morning was completely made by Nat over at The Film Experience when he posted pictures of "Panscakes," pancakes in shapes of creatures from Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth. His whole "Breakfast with..." column is pretty phenom, but this one was especially AWESOME! Seriously, imagining waking up to this? It could only lead to the best day ever!

The Sexier Alternative to Grease Lightning!

I am a huge Timur Bekmambetov fan(try saying that... once), and one of his his next Russian action packed projects now has a teaser, Black Lightning. Clearly, there's not much to go on with this teeny teaser as of yet, but doesn't it just rev your motor? vroom vroom!

"Bite me, bite me good, OOO WOAH DUN NAN NAN"
That could very possibly be a lyric from Twilight the Musical, which premieres tomorrow/today online! Part 1 of the full approx. hour long production will be available here sometime on 3.13... oh goodness what have we gotten ourselves into. I'll be the first to admit I desperately want to see Bella singing about Edward's oh-so-glittery skin 


IRON MAN's Official Enemies

After months of back and forth, rumors from the actors and studios, vehement denial from reps, and false casting confirmations, we finally have the identities of Iron Man 2's Black Widow and Whiplash. It'll be the now "back by popular demand" Mickey Rourke, and the "always in everything" Scarlett Johansson. Fans seem to be generally pleased with the casting of Rourke, but a little more uncertain about Johansson given an attachment to the prior actress attached to the role, Emily Blunt. But I'm sure Johansson will do a good job in her place, she does have plenty of experience playing the bad girl vixen. Can't we all just be happy that Favreau agreed to direct the sequel?


A Vampire who ACTUALLY kicks ass

Again, late with getting this up, sorry! Blood: The Last Vampire will be a live action version of the popular 2000 anime film, and so far it looks like it will officially be worth seeing! Thoughts? 


blake said...

I liked Wanted, but Night Watch and Day Watch really REALLY annoyed me.

do you have a flag? said...

aww really? loved day watch and wanted, still have yet to see night watch though. were they too russian for your tastes? btw i need more bitchin' reviews blake! i'm going through withdrawl...

blake said...

I actually saw Night Watch and Day Watch when I was living in Russia. And while I think my Russian is pretty good, all those discussions about vortexes and stuff probably left me a little lost. Maybe I'll watch them again.

do you have a flag? said...

You lived in Russia? That's awesome! After my friends and I saw the movie our plan was to move there for a time.

coffee maker said...

no offense to Mickey Roarke since he's probably a nice guy in real life, but i think he has the evil villain look down pretty good without even trying