The Nerd Quartet are back for TWO SEASONS!

Despite that this is by and large a true film blog, I also watch a lot of shows (if you ever want to know what I think of a show, ask, cause chances are I watch it). There are a few that I mention regularly on the site, like Gossip Girl, Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, and my current top fav The Big Bang Theory. But TV is tricky, because sometimes just when you start to get attached to a show, the network can yank the rug out from under you with a cancellation. I've had this happen to me twice with Roswell (don't laugh, or I'll get violent), and Joss Whedon's Firefly. Even while I fret over the fate of TSCC (not looking too good according to Ausiello), Good news is coming this week with FNL (as previously mentioned) in talks for a possible 2 season renewal, and now my beloved Big Bang Theory is officially back for at least 2 more years! The geeky crew's ratings have only continued to go up, and more people are becoming Bang converts every day.

I just wanted to take a moment to revel in the happy news, and also share this BBT casting tip that Ausiello posted a few days ago... SPOILER ALERT... Though he is currently only booked for one ep, Kevin Sussman (better known as that guy Ugly Betty ditched for Henry) is set to play a love interest for Penny. Much to Leonard's chagrin, Penny begins to date their comic obsessed pal, leaving us all to wonder, transference? I'm guessing this will be the intro to Penny more or less confronting her real feelings for Leonard... So let's say a tentative yay! to that.

I feel it important to mention though, in the midst of all this
Bang infused joy, that I was actually less than thrilled with the long awaited Summer Glau guest star ep. Here I was thinking, two of my fav things melding together in harmony! But no such luck, the ep was average. I don't really blame Glau for this though. The writers chose to put the focus less on her and more on the guys buzzing around the Terminator star (which definitely had it's funny moments), but I guess I was hoping for some sort of fantasy/dream sequence where we would see the boys imagining Summer whisking them off the train on a mission to save John Connor... but I'll settle for Penny taunting Sheldon with his secret nickname, "moonpie." Monday's How I Met Your Mother ep on the other hand was hilarious. Laura Prepon saying "Salt is so bourgeois," and Barney laughing so hard he fell out of the booth, were just two of the many hi-larious moments.

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