Ken Doll vs. Ian McShane

The 2 hour series premiere of Kings aired tonight, and here's just a few post viewing  snap remarks:

1. Lead Christopher Egan who plays David Shepherd (oh that name just makes me laugh) looks like a human ken doll, and acts a little like one too. But he grew on me, sort of. 

2. Ian McShane is and always will be amazing no matter what he does, but playing a "king" is a role custom made for this man.

3. Either Sebastian Stan taught Ed Westwick how to play Chuck, or the other way around. Either way, they're kind of identical. 

4. CG butterflies? Waaaay over the top.

5. Nice film work, good job setting up all the characters so that you're not confused.

Overall, it seems like it could be good, but some of the melodrama needs to chill out first. But then again, that's probably what they were going for. It's likely I'll tune in for the second ep, but I'm always cautious taking on new shows. 

Anyone else catch the premiere, reactions?


Mattson Tomlin said...

Definitely a francis lawrence fan, so I'm curious about his migration to television for sure...

Napier's News said...

I think that this show has the possibility for greatness with lots of wonderful character development and plot twists. Yeah the CGI butterflies were a tad bit much!

do you have a flag? said...

I think it has a lot of potential too. It's a pretty interesting storyline, and I think overall the pilot was very well done. I definitely liked the second hour more than the first. Definitely a "timely" show.