The NEW Year One Trailer! and stuff you've probably already read other places...

Sorry all this stuff is pretty belated except for The Year One official trailer. It's been a very looooong week.

Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris including books, Street Fashion and Jewelry

Brad and Natalie are doing a movie together. Watch them break up, sell their stuff and reminisce... oh, that doesn't sound appealing? 

Why wouldn't an auction catalogue make for a good movie?

But for real, I actually kind of like the idea. Please don't quote me on that. I got a rep to protect. 


Ma Cheri Amour

"What is it Sebastian? I'm arranging matches." 
(this quote comes from the same genius man whom my blog is named after) 

That's what my friends and I say whenever we see a movie that looks like this. Other examples are Brideshead Revisited, A Room With a View, Maurice... pretty much anything British, a period piece, that also involves tea and giddy laughter at other people's misfortune of being poor. Check out my little intro to Rupert Friend here.  


Look smarmy Adam... there ya go.

Awhile back I mentioned some casting details on the upcoming romantic comedy, Leap Year, starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. Now, the hilarious Adam Scott has joined up, and although his role hasn't officially been announced, he MUST be the boyfriend Adams chases through Europe. And honestly, how perfect is that casting? It's perfect. 


Check out this snazzy ring, I got it in a cereal box!

The Green Lantern movie (not to be confused with the Green Hornet), is set to start filming mid-September, and has a release date of December 17, 2010. Director Martin Campbell is going to have a lot of anxious fans knocking down his door for casting details, so he best get on that... quick. 


"I'm gonna strike a pose I guess."

The Year One Trailer

Today's news of James Franco signing on for another David Gordon Green "stoner" flick, except one that's a period piece, has gotten a lot of excited people blogging, but the official release of The Year One trailer may have just upstaged it. I can say, without any embarrassment that this trailer made me laugh, out loud, 3 times. So very, very excited.  

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