Wild Times

I've been meaning to get to writing about Spike Jonze's Where The Wild Things Are for a couple of weeks now, but with all the insane movie news, and time spent working on a couple of reviews, it fell by the wayside temporarily. The film will be based on the 10 sentence long children's book by Maurice Sendak and combine a mix of live action people, CGI, and Jim Henson styled creatures voiced by famous people like Paul Dano, Lauren Ambrose, and Forest Whitaker. For the last few years the movie has had it's fair share of problems including switching studios, and rumors of total reshoots. But now the film is finally in post production and currently has a release date of October 16, 2009. I was fairly nervous when I heard about the live action adaptation given it's iconic imagery and potential under the wrong director to lean entirely towards your cliche hollywood kids movie. But, HAVE YOU SEEN THESE PICS?! They're gorgeous! Once Spike Jonze came on board, it's really no surprise that I instantly began to feel an affinity for the project. He's brought cinematographer Lance Acord to the film, the man responsible for Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette. Need I say more? So far, the imagery reminds me a lot of the music video for Sigur Ros' Glosoli. The film is going to be amazing. I've already decided. Let's just hope the studio doesn't force Jonze's hand to make it more "kiddie." It's supposed to be disturbing afterall.

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