Why do I hate Animal Movies?

Now make sure you read that right. I do NOT hate animals, far from it. But I do hate almost all animal themed films (with the exception of animated films, Andre and Homeward Bound). As a kid, I always thought something was wrong with me. When other children gleefully raved about the hilarity of Babe, I fell asleep in the theater. When other kids ran out to go rent their copies of Benji or Milo and Otis, I was baffled by what they found so interesting, and then proceeded to rent Fawlty Towers (cause my dad was the man). I feel that too long have live animal films been touted as good cinema. Why on earth would I want to watch a film about slobbery dog who always making a mess or a movie about a dolphin who makes friends with a little boy? It's SO BORING! There's really no other way to put it. I know I may get a lot of flack for this, but it's not as if I am judging these movies purely from an adult perspective... little kid me thought they were stupid too.

But this is not purely a rant. I am asking for help. Can someone, please, explain to me why people like these movies? Sit me down and literally make me understand why they worth watching. I'm serious, because someday I don't want my kids to think I'm cold hearted when I don't want them to watch Lassie. Is it too late? Am I past saving?

If you like animal movies, here's a list that will blow your mind.

Babe is the worst.

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