This week's Break Out!

This week's Break Out is, Aaron Paul.

29 year old Aaron Paul is hardly a showbiz newcomer, and while you probably recognize him from one of several places, a surprising number of people still don't know his name. Paul has been acting regularly in one capacity or another (lots of television cameos) since the late '90's, but recently you've started seeing his face everywhere. If you watch AMC, then you've caught him on the new hit series, Breaking Bad (with the incredible Bryan Cranston), as resident Meth-maker Jesse Pinkman. But if you're not an AMC originals follower, then maybe you've see him on HBO's Mormon love Triangle show, Big Love, as Scott, Sarah Henrickson's older Boyfriend (now fiance). And if you don't have HBO, then you've at least heard about him in the recently released horror remake, The Last House on the Left. Basically the guy must be coasting on cloud 9 these past few months in well deserved notoriety. But back to the whole "people not knowing his name" thing. Paul is interesting in that he has a memorable face, but can be quite the chameleon when he wants to be. He is one of those people where when you see him on screen you say, "he looks kind of familiar," but you still can't place him. Hopefully those days of blending in are behind him though. He is still relatively young by male actor standards, but if not careful the talented guy could stay relegated to the horror thriller genre (he'll be starring in the upcoming Wreckage). He's shown that he can be the sweet love interest, the high school surfer, the street thug, the druggie, and even the pathological killer... and all of them fairly convincingly. I have yet to see Last House, but from what I gather, he's pretty terrifying. What's next for Paul? I'm thinking a Tarantino team up... a girl can dream.

So from now on remember his name,
Aaron Paul, this week's Break Out!

(and remember I am always looking for
Break Out recommendations!)

The Last House on the Left Trailer

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